A Kabir poem

I recently came across this wonderful song of the mystic poet Kabir:

Na Mein Dharmi Na Hi Adharmi
Na Mein Jati Na Kaami Ho
Na Mein Kehta Na Mein Sunta
Na Mein Sevak Swami Ho

Na Mein Bandha Na Mein Mukta
Na Mein Virat Na Rangi Ho
Na Mein Kahu Se Nyara Hua
Na Kahu Ke Sangi Ho

Na Hum Narak Lok Ko Jaate
Na Hum Swarag Sidhare Ho
Sab Hi Karam Hamara Kiya
Hum Karman Se Nyare Ho

Ya Mat Ko Koi Birla Bujhe
So Atal Ho Baitha Ho
Mat Kabir Kaho Ko Thape
Mat Kahu Ko Mete Ho

[Neither am I righteous nor unrighteous
Neither am I ascetic nor lascivious
Neither do I tell nor do I listen
I am neither servant nor master

I am neither bound nor free
I am neither downcast nor joyous
Neither am I separated from anything
Nor am I united with anything

Neither do I go to hell
Nor am I headed for heaven
Everyone’s actions are my doing
I am detached from action

This maxim only the exceptional one knows
Who is of unshakable conviction
Kabir does not create anything
Nor does Kabir efface anything]

1 comment
  1. Tiny Seal said:

    Nice poem. Thanks for translating, good for people that cant parse heavy duty hindi 🙂

    ” Everyone’s actions are my doing
    I am detached from action” -> He sounds like God.

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