The bias blind spot

Pronin, E., Lin, D. Y., & Ross, L. (2002). The bias blind spot: Perceptions of bias in self versus others. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 28, 369-381.

  1. Tiny Seal said:

    Dont you think this partiality is part of survival mechanism?
    For minor things like sense of humor which do not have a direct affect on survival rate, it is ok to think that one ranks lower than an average human..

  2. Unawoken said:

    It is because of the survival mechanism. However, survival value in the evolutionary past does not imply survival value today.

  3. Tiny Seal said:

    i dont think it has lost survival value in the present. In the current society, one still wants to “get ahead” of the rest of the crowd: land the best job, feel like the smartest one in peer group etc..

  4. Unawoken said:

    The following causalities need to be established:

    – believing you are ahead aids in getting ahead

    – being unaware of one’s bias but overexpecting another’s bias lands you the best job.
    (For example consider that the interviewer is likely to consider you to be biased)

    – feeling like the smartest one in your peer group makes you relatively smart in your peer group in a survival sense.

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