Right afterwards, when the Buddha had retired for the night, Govinda turned to Siddhartha and spoke eagerly: “Siddhartha, it is not my place to scold you. We have both heard the exalted one, we have both perceived the teachings. Govinda has heard the teachings, he has taken refuge in it. But you, my honoured friend, don’t you also want to walk the path of salvation? Would you want to hesitate, do you want to wait any longer?” #

“Men nearly always follow the tracks made by others and proceed in their affairs by imitation.” — Machiavelli

“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. … A society which gives unlimited freedom to the individual, more often than not attains a disconcerting sameness.” — Eric Hoffer

Informational conformity
Sensation transference

Siddhartha awakened as if he had been asleep, when he heard Govinda’s words. For a long tome, he looked into Govinda’s face. Then he spoke quietly, in a voice without mockery: “Govinda, my friend, now you have taken this step, now you have chosen this path. Always, oh Govinda, you’ve been my friend, you’ve always walked one step behind me. Often I have thought: Won’t Govinda for once also take a step by himself,without me, out of his own soul? Behold, now you’ve turned into a man and are choosing your path for yourself. I wish that you would go it upto its end, oh my friend, that you shall find salvation!” #

#Siddhartha, Chapter 3

  1. pseudopseudointellectual said:

    The Eric Hoffer quote sums it up well. Don’t have time to read the links right now.

    Imitation is how we “learn” as children and I guess it stays with us. Right from learning to speak, to learning math or dance or music, it is all imitation. It is just built into human society!

  2. Jyotsna said:

    It’s an interesting topic.
    Since ages, humans are choosing path which already have successful results.
    They imitate and follow eachother as a group.Maybe they are insecure to step out of bounds or society pressures them to follow the same path ….
    I think its hightime humans/society embraces and encourage new paths.

  3. “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” — Henri Bergson

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