Germaine Greer

 … on women creating art

  1. Tiny Seal said:

    Interesting theory. From personal experience, i know more female artists than male, though none of them are famous. And most of these women are impractical, live in their own world, are nutty in an endearing way.
    More than taking art out of unrealistic world, i think women’s lib has more to do with women artists’ increased visibility. Also, boundaries in art (not just limited to paintings/installations) are only as high/low as you perceive.

  2. Unawoken said:

    Tiny Seal,
    Good comment! Although I do think her theory holds truth in a very striking way. It made me kind of sit up and acquiesce.

  3. Justuju said:

    I think her theory is right but if you take into consideration tribal or Asian/African traditional societies, women have always been involved with creation of art in their day-to-day lives; pottery, weaving, painted designs around the house are a few examples. I guess her theory applies as a new development in the western world.

  4. Unawoken said:

    Your examples actually strengthen what she is saying. Women make art in their everyday lives, they make art a part of life. Art that is framed/standalone and an object by itself and detached from the world is usually of no interest to them (according to her).

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