Gregory Stock: To upgrade is human

  1. Tiny Seal said:

    i like his vision. i do support customizing progeny and having pills around to make you feel content.

    But these advancements will bring about a new set of problems that our race has not experienced before. For example, if you can pick the sex of your baby, majority of people in India will pick a boy. What is going to happen when that generation reaches the age of reproduction? Are they going to become homosexual out of lack of females?
    Maybe if everyone chooses to have tall and fair babies, short and dark might become the new cool features to have. We will be depending on the diversity of existing population to make diverse choices to maintain variety in our species.

    Too bad we wont be alive to witness all these changes.

  2. Thrashes Rakes said:

    I’m pretty skeptical that his vision will be realized. Not how many times he said “five to ten years from now” – that talk was in 2003, it is five years from now.

    Most of that shit won’t happen.

  3. Unawoken said:

    Thrashes Rakes,
    I agree that he is optimistic in his predictions. Seems the future is not quick enough to keep up with the vision of the bio-tech and AI communities. But I do think it’ll happen, albeit later. Only, if we do not regress, that is, and need our technologies to go back take care of our more basic needs.

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