The Economics of Szasz

Bryan Caplan on The Economics of Szasz

  1. Lakshmi said:

    Will take a while to read through this. Sorry about that. Looks interesting.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Critics often cite findings of “chemical imbalances” in the mentally ill. The problem with these claims, from a Szaszian point of view, is not that they find a connection between brain chemistry and behavior. The problem is that “imbalance” is a moral judgment masquerading as a medical one. Supposed we found that nuns had a brain chemistry verifiably different from non-nuns. Would we infer that being a nun is a mental illness?

    Good article. the above part reflects some of my own thoughts…

    However, the benefit to labeling these mental illnesses (& treating them) lies in the effects they produce in their immediate surrounding (be it family or work place). Essentially the individual’s preference is being sacrificed for the ‘greater good’ of the community. I have to agree (as the article mentions) if there is enough ‘n’ with an extreme or different preference it can indeed be another ‘norm’ (as in the case of homosexuality) but at the same time acknowledge that those exact preferences may lead to an unstable society (& hence would be short lived?)

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