Analogy as the Core of Cognition

  1. Deepa R said:

    I have only seen the title. Haven’t heard the video. Many swamis/gurus in India (all fake, I think, on some level) sell their ideas using analogies. I always want to ask them “It’s true about the analogy, but does that mean it’s true about your original scenario?” No one seems to openly ask that. Maybe everyone wonders. A lot of scams are based on people using this notion to sell ideas to people. And then they can transfer thigns from the analogy into the original, sneakily, and take all your money.


  2. enjoyed watching it. I was about to accept analogy is ‘the’ core of cognition until he mentioned the bon jour part. then imitation came to mind. don’t know enough to know if it(imitation) is actually a fundamental process or something more complex in terms of cognition

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