Munger on Human Mismanagement

Charlie Munger makes a valuable list of 24 causes for human mismanagement. A must read. Hat tip to Carpe Diem for finding this.


Now if the human mind, o­n a subconscious level, can be manipulated that way and you don’t know it, I always use the phrase, “You’re like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.”

  1. Justuju said:

    The link to the list is not working. Not found error.

    • Thanks. Looks like the original article was taken down. I have modified the link.

  2. Justuju said:

    Great list. Will have to go over it again in a few months so mind can take it in. Number 11 was an interesting one for me. Also the granny rule reminds me of Jenny Craig diet.

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