Libertarian Contrarianism

Defending the Undefendable

Note: Mohit, Gargi, Carpe Diem


  1. Anonymous said:

    So, what’s your view on the book & philosophy?
    I just read the part 1 on Prostitutes & Pimps. He makes a point that overall they are voluntary trades and although there might be some trades that involve violence etc, by profession, they aren’t violent.
    While I agree with that, I think there’s a difference between violence in prostitution and violence meted out by a contractor on his laborer (I think that’s the other example in the book) of scale.
    When a contractor is violent, he is more likely to ‘lose’ (economically) in the long run… lesser laborers will work with him and he loses profit yadayadayada
    But when a ‘trader’ trades a girl by forcing her, he gains economically. Or when a family sell their daughter, they gain.

    My point is, as long as it is by volition – it’s all good. But by making prostitution such a ‘profitable in short time’ venture gradually makes it a tempting area for violence.

    Nice book anyway… ‘a breath of fresh air’ 🙂

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