“In front of a window seen from inside a room, I placed a painting representing exactly that portion of the landscape covered by the painting. Thus, the tree in the picture hid the tree behind it, outside the room. For the spectator, it was both inside the room within the painting and outside in the real landscape.

This is how we see the world. We see it outside ourselves, and at the same time we only have a representation of it in ourselves. In the same way, we sometimes situate in the past that which is happening in the present. Time and space thus loose the vulgar meaning that only daily experience takes into account”

The cobwebs of my mind need dusting. Meanwhile I came across this old interview of Kramnik after his WC match with Leko. There is enough traffic in chess sites with armchair amateurs easily trashing Kramnik’s style. In fact, enough to re-position opinions in our minds. However, I like the way Kramnik dealt with exactly this in this interview, and I have grown to appreciate his perspective. There is no mincing words here. I think this is a man that knows his mind.